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New Age Management Philosophy from Ancient Indian Wisdom
New Age Management Philosophy from Ancient Indian Wisdom
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  Management |
Acknowledgements vii
Preface ix
Foreword xiii
Introduction 1
The Thirukural and I 11
Applying the Thirukural Today 29
 Overview 33
 Planning 45
Planning a venture: Aspects considered essential  
Planning as contemplated in the Thirukural  
 Deliberation before action  
Judgement of strength  
Choosing the appropriate time  
Judgement of place  
Organising 67
 Choosing the right people  
Chief executive officer (CEO)  
Chief operating officer (COO) and vice presidents (ministers)  
Selection of people for other positions  
Conduct of Affairs 93
Key aspects  
Supplementary aspects relating to conduct of affairs  
Control 105
Management information system  
The service of intelligence  
Overview 111
Personality Traits of a Leader 119
Qualifications of a leader (prince)  
Learning and listening  
Abstention from sloth  
Ability to handle defeat  
Abstaining from anger  
Communication Skills 137
Inferring body language  
Judging one's audience  
Credibility 149
Consistency raises credibility  
Trust - hard-won but easily lost  
Living the values  
Mercy earns loyalty  
Reinforcing Important Kurals 157
References 161
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